Saturday, October 6, 2018

Domestic Abuse Misconception #6

(Note: In all of my posts I use "he" for abuser and "she" for victim for simplicity and because, in the majority of cases, the abuser is male. But it can be the opposite with a female abuser. Dynamics of abuse can also happen in same sex relationships.)

Domestic Abuse Misconception #6: There is no way to know if a person will turn abusive. The truth is that there are red flags.

Yesterday I talked about how abusers don't necessarily look like abusers. How very hard for all concerned, then. Are there no caution signs at all? No way to know if your current boyfriend or husband (or girlfriend or wife) will one day turn abusive and/or violent? Well, there are characteristics that serve as red flags. I think these need to be taught to everyone, especially young people getting into relationships.

Here is an excellent list of red flags. Please note that these behaviors generally escalate. And if any of the last four behaviors (14-17) are present along with several of the others, then there is a heightened risk of physical violence.

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