Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Pro-Life Means Pro-Life Down the Road, Too

I am going to be very blunt here but I have to say this to all my friends who are pro-life. Being pro-life has to go beyond birth. Being pro-life means being a caring and loving support to the mother who chooses that life long after that life is born. Single women who choose life make a hard but holy choice. Not only are they choosing life for their baby, they are choosing their life, and it is a hard one. Single motherhood may be the hardest job on the planet. It can terrifying, frustrating, exhausting, and so lonely it crushes the soul. You don't fit in. Anywhere. Not with your single friends. Not with your childless couple friends. Not with your friends with children. So, yes. You make a good, choice. A beautiful choice. But a very hard choice.
So I make this plea to you, my pro-life friends. Don't forget the mothers years after they have made that choice. Check in on them. Encourage them. Include them. If the life she chose was of so much value at birth, remember that that life is still of value. Both lives are of value.
She made a choice to choose life. Please make the choice to support it down the road.