Sunday, January 31, 2010

On Psychics and Such

I have been thinking about the whole psychic thing. There was an episode of Bones that had a psychic played rather charmingly by Cyndi Lauper. She was a sympathetic character and she truly did seem to know stuff. Now there were people on Bones who were skeptical. There are a lot of skeptics out there. There are a lot of bogus psychics. A friend had a neighbor who consulted a Pet Psychic all the way out in Arizona to find out where her lost cat was. The woman said "he went downhill". My friend's response was, "Of course he went down hill. We live on a mountain." It is a shame that there are people who prey on desperate souls by giving them this kind of "help". Certainly there are bogus psychics.

But I don't think that God wants us to avoid psychics because they are bogus. Because we might be making a bad investment of our money. I think he wants us to avoid psychics for the very reason that we would be drawn to psychics in the first place. Because we want answers that God has chosen not to give us, at least not yet.

It seems that the very essence of the fall is man wanting to be like God. The problem is that we are not God. We are the created, not the Creator. Only God, in his infinite wisdom, knows the future. Only he knows certain events of the past and present. And if he chooses to keep those things hidden from us, it is for a very good reason.

People can be desperate. They can want to make sense of life. They can want to know the future. Of course. It is natural. But God has set a boundary there. A line we are not to cross. Psychics, divination, witchcraft. These are off limits. They are not necessarily bogus. I do think that there are people who truly tap into the supernatural forces and come back with delightful tidbits of information that only whet our appetite for more. So that WE can plan our future. So that WE can know our steps. So that WE can do pretty much anything outside of the guiding hand of the God who created us. Don't go there.

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