Friday, January 22, 2010

Cheetos for Breakfast

Welcome to my world. I have not a clue if anybody will read this or find it humorous or helpful. But if you are a woman, and especially if you are a mom, you may just find that, after reading about my life, you feel oddly better about yourself. I do that to people.

A few years ago a friend called me up bemoaning the fact that she was such a horrible mother. I think she had allowed her 3 year old to have a doughnut or Pop-Tart or perhaps some Neon Honey Frosted Tidbit Wads. This poor woman had standards and had fallen short. All I had to say was (and it was true), "Well, Mary had Cheetos for breakfast." "Oh, I feel so much better. Thank you." You could practically see the guilt slide off of her like frosting off a still-too-warm cake (I can never wait long enough to frost those things).

I have always wanted to blog. I think things and want to write things. But when I think about other people reading them it kind of flips me out. I am afraid of being chastised for my honesty or chided for my self-deprecating humor. I may not spell right or use proper punctuation and that may offend the more literary and pedantic reader. I have never been able to function under pressure or perform under another's watchful eye.

But it's high time I put on my big girl panties and say what I want to say and not worry if it is proper. I just pray that it is encouraging and fun and that, whoever you are, you find yourself feeling a little better when you leave.


  1. I am SO thankful I found your blog!

  2. Wow. Found my way here via a post somebody shared on Facebook. This is great stuff, and I added you to my reading list...

  3. How do I follow you? I am social media challenged. I love your perspective.

  4. I think my kids would love it if I let them have Cheetos for breakfast! I did let them have ice cream for dinner once. Reminds me that we need to do it again. :)

    1. I LOVE it! I'm one of those "poor moms" who have standards and fall short more often than I'd like to admit. But I'm trying to be less perfectionist and some of these against-the-rules ideas are cracking me up! Literally, laughing out loud! And helping me loosen up a bit! Thanks for sharing!

  5. As a Mom of a 19 yr old daughter - I'm so happy I found your blog. It makes me feel like I'm not a failure as a Mom! I am a follower of Jesus and a Mom who puts way too much pressure on herself because her daughter isn't doing life the way I thought she would/should! Thanks for the encouragement to allow Jesus to be my refuge and hope when it comes to all things - including my parenting (or lack thereof) skills! Keep up the God-centered, humerous, and thought provoking writing!

  6. About two weeks ago, my mom shared your blog entry "Letter to Young Mothers" with me on Facebook, and I mistakenly thought the entry was actually the "Cheetos for Breakfast" one. I didn't have time to read it right away (cuz I wanted to be able to sit down and really enjoy it! It sounded like it might have some breakfast suggestions for using with little kids, like mine, aged 5 and 3), so I marked it as URGENT, and have been looking for a slot of time to read it. Finally, today, I got the kids down for their afternoon nap, and I thought to myself: "Today is the day!" So I was full of expectations, and though I thoroughly enjoyed the "Letter to Young Mothers", what my mind was thirsty for was hearing about "Cheetos for Breakfast", so I searched for it on your Facebook page, but couldn't find it, then finally found it here on your blog! My reaction? At first, I couldn't believe someone would actually let their kids have cheetos for breakfast ... then, I got to thinking: "Hey, why do I have to sweat it every day, some days (when we've had a hard night before, like a VERY late night last night) have crabby kids complain that we're having oatmeal AGAIN, just because breakfast HAS TO be healthy!? Maybe they WON'T die if they have some "practical" foods every now and then, right? Thanks for taking the "risk" of sharing with moms like me! You DID make me feel better! ;)