Friday, January 22, 2010

Food Is Funny That Way

I just opened a new container of raisins. They are soft and moist and quite yummy as opposed to the container of them I just finished which were dried up and hard and a bit on the gritty side, as if they had been plucked out of the container of our bagless vacuum. Matt doesn't like juicy raisins. He especially doesn't like cooked raisins. He calls them engorged ticks. He thinks they are gross. I think some things he eats are gross. Matt likes meatball subs. I think meatball subs look like somebody barfed up a large hairball on a loaf of bread. Eewwwww.

Food is funny that way. What somebody loves, somebody else hates. Some foods are "I can take it or leave it foods." Take mashed potatoes. They are dull, blah, mushy beasts but there are few people that feel incredibly strongly about mashed potatoes. On the other hand we have sauerkraut. I posted a status update on Facebok about sauerkraut a few nights ago, noting that the serving size listed on the can is a pathetic two tablespoons. I am sure it had everything to do with the astronomical sodium content of the stuff, but being a sauerkraut lover, I was taken aback by some faceless food corporation limiting my intake to a heap the size of my thumbnail.

But sauerkraut gets people talking. Some people will eat an entire jar. Others would rather use it to line little Fluffy's litter box. I was particularly surprised when Matt's cousin had such a visceral response to the mere mention of the stuff. Her maiden name is Kern. Now doesn't that sound like such a fine, Germanic surname? It would stand to reason that anybody named Kern would like sauerkraut. But I guess that just isn't the case. Ancestry of surname does not necessarily mean that the affinity for a foodstuff was passed down to the tastebuds. I would imagine that if you went back in time and place you would find plenty of Johanns and Hildegardes, sitting quiety in their lederhosen, sobbing at the thought of choking down their daily allotment of the cruciferous crunchy.

I have not a clue on how to end this thought. It just seems funny to me.


  1. Hey, I feel strongly about mashed potatoes! I think they're wonderful, especially mixed with sauerkraut!

  2. sauerkraut . . .
    I will always feel bad about feeding Matt a dish with cooked raisins in it. Engorged ticks, indeed.